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Dr Vanessa Ogden is the CEO of the Mulberry Schools Trust.  This family of secondary schools is committed to raising standards in challenging contexts. Mulberry School for Girls is the founding school and Vanessa continues to be its Headteacher. Under her leadership, the school has been twice judged ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.  Vanessa’s primary work is in raising attainment for young people in schools with high levels of disadvantage and in developing outstanding education for women. As a designated National Leader of Education, Vanessa has successfully supported many other schools.  She is also a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Education and has a doctorate specialising in education policy and school improvement.

Read some of Vanessa’s contributions to system-wide education reform below. 

The Story of London Challenge

Sir Tim Brighouse and David Woods CBE, supported by the London Leadership Strategy, have published The Story of London Challenge - a retrospective on the development of the London Challenge. 

The Challenge model has received cross-party consensus that the model forms a strong basis for school improvement. Available in hard copy and e-book versions, The Story of London Challenge includes contributions from Sir Tim Brighouse and David Woods CBE, plus chapters from Dame Susan John, Peter White, Dr Vanessa Ogden, Dr Sara Bubb and Professor Chris Husbands.

Read more about the story of London Challenge here

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility inquiry into the Regional Attainment

The attainment gap, the gap in school exam results between pupils from different social backgrounds, is one of the key challenges in our education system. Differences in school achievement act as a block on social mobility and have real consequences for the life chances of those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Children with poor vocabulary age five are more than twice as likely to be unemployed aged 34. Such differences are not just social in origin, they are also geographical.

Read the report here

NASACRE Silver Jubilee Conference

On 24th May 2018, Dr Vanessa Ogden was invited to speak at the NASACRE Silver Jubilee Conference. In her speech Dr Ogden focused on three themes:

  1. The character of social change, especially as we live through the technology revolution, with all its benefits and challenges
  2. The role of RE in schools, its nature and purpose in a harmonious, enlightened and prosperous society
  3. Our responsibility to our nation’s children, their future and a less dystopian, more utopian world

Read the speech here