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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a key provider for quality education so that all of our students leave us as highly qualified, confident and articulate young people with a wealth of experience.

This vision is under-pinned by moral purpose – a desire to do more to improve the quality of education for all children and young people – and a commitment to schools working together to secure an inclusive, ambitious, collegiate and high quality offer. 


A Mulberry education is premised on three under-pinning principles:

  1. Access to education and the chance to be educated is a human right in a civilised world.

    We believe that every young person should receive the same opportunities and quality of education, regardless of their natural ability or where they come from. Our Trust was formed to enable our partners to deliver the best possible educational outcomes for their young people and the communities they serve through sharing expertise and promoting outstanding practices.

  2. Education should provide rich intellectual and personal development for individuals and communities of people.

    An education offered by the Trust is concerned with the spiritual, moral, social, cultural and physical development of people so they have self-determination and can create for themselves fulfilled, happy lives. It is also concerned with equipping people for employment, making a contribution to the economy as well as enabling them to sustain themselves financially.

  3. Education is a public good.

    To have universal school education brings economic and social benefits to the whole of society; it creates greater peace, prosperity and economic and social well-being. The Mulberry Schools Trust is outward facing and contributes to education beyond the doors of its own schools.

    These principles shape the aims of the Trust’s education: the curriculum that is delivered, the personal development that is offered and the wider opportunities that are provided across the system.