Performing Arts students shine in recent exams

During the last term, we have had a number of high-quality exam performances for the Performing Arts and Drama qualifications.

Students have been using the facilities at the UTC to stage a range of plays and devised pieces that draw from different theatrical styles and practitioners. Highlights include a staging of Metamorphosis using physical theatre and Berkovian acting techniques, as well as a devised piece of work that drew inspiration from Carol Churchill’s Far Away, in which students explored the idea of consumerism through Brechtian practice. We were also delighted that the CTEC Performing Arts students all achieved distinctions from OCR in their work on devising an interpretation of Berkoff’s ‘Greek’ which focused on the idea of rebellion and the futility of fighting against the roles we play within the class system.

T Level Health students complete first year

As the first year of our T Level Health course comes to an end, we are proud to say our students have successfully completed their Employer Set Project and Core A and Core B examination.

Students have participated and contributed towards building and forming the Hospital Ward and Care suite ready for the Occupational Specialism in year two. They had a great experience unboxing and putting together specialist equipment to get a feel of how machinery works behind the scenes of a ward and responding whilst following instruction.

Culture Day

On Friday 21st July the House team organised Culture Day, giving students and staff the opportunity to celebrate the different cultures that make our school such a vibrant and diverse community. The day was fun and packed full of activities to end the summer term and school year.

The assembly that kicked off culture day was fantastic. Some students spoke about how they honour their culture and why it’s essential. A Half-South Korean, half-British student in Year 8 expressed his enthusiasm for the sense of community and togetherness from his identity.

Culture, according to a student in Year 9, “is not only the traditional food, religion, and language of that nation; it also refers to our ancestors and how they celebrated it.” Easa, Year 10, School Council Chair

Culture represents the essence of our being. Multiple students have come to school dressed in cultural clothes to represent their identity. A student in Year 10 said, ‘It was phenomenal. It was interesting to see my classmates wearing something different for once’. Workshops took place later in the day, where students gained an understanding of the importance of culture. Someone said, ‘The workshop gave me an insight into other cultures and brought everyone together. It told me that culture is what gives life culture.’ Lots of teachers came dressed up as well, which the students really liked and found funny. Tonima, Year 10, Prefect

Students and staff were able to learn about many cultures during our culture day fair through a range of activities including guess the flag, henna, and drawing their own t-shirt or poster. Students could also sample a variety of foods and beverages from various cultures. Liza, Year 10, Prefect

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Connect: Issue #14 out now!

We are so excited to share the spring edition of Connect, the Mulberry Schools Trust newsletter, which is out now!

It features the amazing work taking place at Mulberry Wood Wharf Primary, as well as the incredible opportunities that have been presented to our schools. We’ve been privileged to receive invitations to two remarkable occasions with The Royal Family, showcasing the hard work and dedication of both our students and staff. Furthermore, we are proud to reveal the formal launch of the Mulberry Production Arts Academy as part of our Mulberry Changemakers programme (see page 4).

There have been many remarkable events in the past few months, such as the Mulberry Schools Trust Annual Education Lecture at the RSA and the launch of the Reconnect London report. Our students have had the chance to come together and learn through various activities, such as our Societies and the Trust’s GCSE Maths Revision Conference, creating a sense of community and collaboration.

We hope you enjoy reading about our schools and the opportunities they provide our students.



Geeky Kids

In January 2023, 60 Year 10 students from across the Mulberry Schools Trust took part in a five week programming course run by Geeky Kids on Saturday mornings as part of our innovative Mulberry STEM Academy programme. During the course, the students were split into groups to learn Python programming. GCSE students already taking Computer Science challenged themselves through learning new skills, including an intermediate popular library called Pygame. Other students learned the basics of Python, including selection and iteration.

At the end of the course, students all created a trivia quiz in Python. We were very impressed with their use of functions, lists, dictionaries and other advanced techniques! A particular well done to Tonima Hawlader, Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, Jannah Ahmed, Mulberry School for Girls and Riyad Choudhury, Mulberry Stepney Green, whose thoughtful programs were awarded the best on the course. Each week, two students were also chosen as ‘Students of the Week’ by their tutors. Well done to Zakariya, Ifaz, Zakiyyah, Jannah, Basit, Ismail, Tanim and Ehsanur for their hard work.

We look forward to our continued work with Geeky Kids which offers our students creative ways to enjoy Computer Science.


Brick Lane 1978: The Turning Point

In January we hosted the ‘Brick Lane 1978: The Turning Point’, an exhibition of photography from East End local, Paul Trevor, celebrating the area’s 1978 activists. 

Parents/carers, students, staff and our Mulberry community were invited to come and explore photos which document such an important moment in Tower Hamlets’ history.  It run in the Mulberry Bigland Green Centre on the following days/times. Parul Husain and Sabina Khan introduced the project.

The exhibition was a culmination of a major heritage project exhibited at Four Corners, June – September 2022, with Swadhinata Trust, in collaboration with Paul Trevor, original activists and local volunteers.

Students from Year 8 upwards were given the chance to visit the exhibition and Year 9 used this as inspiration for their Arts curriculum project on protest & activism.

If you would like to learn more, here are a series of short films which share the stories of activists who were part of the fight for social justice in 1970.

With thanks to Swadhinata Trust, @heritagefunduk, the @bishopsgateinstitute, Sabina Khan, Elena Loizides, Sian Morten and all the staff who have made this exhibition possible.


Connect: Issue #13 out now!

The latest issue of Connect, the Mulberry Schools Trust newsletter, is out now!
On the cover and back page of issue #13, our new primary Mulberry Wood Wharf proudly takes centre stage. It has been wonderful to see our primary school children partaking in so many fun and engaging activities.
We have enjoyed reliving the remarkable achievements of some of our Mulberry STEM Academy students at the Greenpower International Finals at the iconic Goodwood race track in October. See page 2.
Our partnership work continues to make a positive impact across schools and organisations beyond the Trust. The Mulberry Schools Foundation’s website is now live and we are accepting online donations. See page 3.
As always, each Mulberry school brings something fresh and different to the table and this issue is no exception! Highlights of their work can be found within pages 4-12.
We hope you find this latest collection of news stories inspiring and engaging, as we do.

Happy reading!