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Our Trust’s Principles

At the heart of the Trust’s governing body code of practice of all schools in the Mulberry Schools Trust are the Nolan Seven Principles of Public Life:
  1. Selflessness 

  2. Integrity 

  3. Objectivity 

  4. Accountability 

  5. Openness 

  6. Honesty 

  7. Leadership 

In addition to commitment and adherence to these principles, it is expected that trustees of the Board or governors at all schools in the Mulberry Schools Trust should embody:

  • Unwavering commitment to the vision for young people in the schools;
  • Conscientious application to the tasks required to be done to ensure that all of the schools’ systems and structures are working for the benefit of the students; 

  • Courage and determination to achieve Mulberry Schools Trust’s strategic aims.