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Central Services 

All schools in the Trust benefit from the expertise within a small executive support staff team that provides central services for schools. The key central support services supplied by the Trust are: 

Finance, Procurement, Accountancy, Audit and Risk Management – led by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Support includes:

  • Overseeing the schools’ small team of business managers and finance directors.
  • Ensuring there is a common computerised accountancy system that provides the necessary statutory returns as well as providing high quality financial monitoring.
  • Taking responsibility for the Trust Board’s and the upkeep of each school’s risk register.

Executive Projects, Governance and External Relations – led by Director of Governance and Development and Director of Marketing, Communications and External Relations

Support includes:

  • Serving as Company Secretary for the Trust
  • Overseeing all executive projects organized in the CEO’s office.
  • Internal and external communications.
  • Marketing of the Trust
  • Servicing the Trust Board’s Standards Committee and the Appointments Committee
  • Growth and development of the Trust

Human Resources, Training, Performance Management and Appraisal – led by Director of HR

Support includes:

  • Updating personnel and HR policies.
  • Developing systems and processes to ensure that the pay and conditions currently in operation at Mulberry School for Girls are rolled out across the Trust.
  • Assisting the Personnel Officer at each of the schools with day to day operations.

Estates, Health and Safety and Capital Development Projects – led by Director of Estates

Support includes:

  • Leading health and safety matters on each site and ensures that site managers and principals are supported in their work to assure safety for all staff and students.
  • Leading all capital works projects, including oversight of work carried out under contract through the EFA or other government funded site development work.
  • Supporting day-to-day operations of each schools’ Site Manager.
  • Developing central management system for control, management and upkeep of all buildings.

MST Executive Team