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Community and Family Learning

The rich and tightly knit local community of the Mulberry Schools Trust is one of our greatest strengths and it is, in turn, a central part of our ethos to support this community. Mulberry provides educational opportunities not only for our pupils but their whole families.

In partnership with our feeder primary schools, we offer a pioneering programme of community and family learning. We offer up to 12 classes at any one time, covering everything from English as a second language or computing skills, through to bag decorating and fruit carving. We also provide help, support, and training for parents who are looking to move into employment. Most of these classes are held in our specialist building, the Mulberry and Bigland Green Centre, which is adjacent to the school. We also run a series of trips for learners on these courses, both with and without their daughters. Recent trips have included visits to the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace, and outings to the theatre and opera.

community and family learning