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Mrs Obama Zooms in to Mulberry School for Girls!

IMG 4130

On Wednesday 31st March 2021, current and former students from Mulberry School for Girls and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School were excited and overjoyed as they joined Mrs Michelle Obama for a 60 minute conversation on Zoom, to celebrate the publication of the paperback and younger reader editions of her bestselling memoir BECOMING.

BBC One’s The One Show aired a package about the event on Thursday 1st April, which was followed by the full release of the event by Penguin on their YouTube channel. Watch the full recording below.

Credit: Michelle Obama/Penguin Random House UK.

“This whole experience is overwhelming. I will take all that I have learnt and use my resilience to continue to push myself out of my comfort zone, so that I am the best I can be, right now!” Synicia, Year 7

Commenting on the event, Dr Vanessa Ogden, CEO and Headteacher of Mulberry School for Girls, said: “At Mulberry School for Girls, students past and present are so excited about the launch of Michelle Obama’s book ‘Becoming’, especially adapted for young readers. Childhood and adolescence are such a formative period. Learning from Mrs Obama – one of the greatest, most inspiring women of our time – could not be more important. Her use of her platform to drive change for girls is critical, breaking down barriers to education and building a sisterhood of young women advocating for each other. Mulberry is deeply grateful to Mrs Obama for her generosity and support for our girls, providing many opportunities for them to have a voice and inspiring them to found Global Girl Leading as a legacy of her relationship with us.”

We will commemorate this significant occasion after the Easter holidays. A special celebration event is planned that will involve all of our students, parents/carers and our local community.

We do hope you will join us in marking yet another momentous moment in Mulberry School for Girls’ ongoing relationship with Mrs Obama.

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