Mulberry Schools Trust Celebrates the Long Service of Committed Staff to Education in Local Authorities

Over 600 years of collective long service to state education by teachers and support staff will be celebrated at a special event hosted by the Mulberry Schools Trust (MST) on Wednesday 25th September 2019.

The MST Long Service Awards will recognise, acknowledge and congratulate exemplary staff across the Trust for their dedicated service to the education sector for at least 25 years. The loyal staff who reached this remarkable milestone within MST reached 21 this year and each will be honoured at the Trust’s Annual Celebration Event taking place at Mulberry Academy Shoreditch. 

Those deserving a special mention include Tosowar Ali who has taught at Mulberry Academy Shoreditch for over 27 years and Colin Walker who has diligently served the school’s Science department for almost 45 years. Celebrating at Mulberry School for Girls is Jill Tuffee with 40 years of service in education (with 34 years spent at the school) and 82 year old Mohammed Abul Hossain, who has amassed 37 years of service (19 years at the school).

MST will also acknowledge a number of governors who have provided many years of long service to our schools. Governors such as Sue Barrow, who chairs the governing body of Mulberry UTC, deserve recognition for their tireless work.

All relevant staff will be presented with a commemorative brooch and they will receive the Local Authority’s usual financial recognition. Some will be asked to share their memories with councillors and senior officers from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, as well as all staff, governors and Trustees from the MST family.

Jane Farrell, Chair of the Mulberry Schools Trust said:

“Our longest serving members of staff are role models to others and are a huge asset to this Trust. They have a wealth of knowledge and understanding about our schools, which is invaluable to us.”

Dr Vanessa Ogden, CEO of the Mulberry Schools Trust said:

“These exceptional members of staff have chosen to give most, if not all, of their careers to our schools. I want to thank them for the amazing work they do every day and all their dedication and commitment to our young people and community.”

Mrs Ruth Holden, Executive Principal of Mulberry Academy Shoreditch said:

“I am thrilled that Mulberry Academy Shoreditch is able to host such a prestigious event for the Trust. What an honour for us all to celebrate our service to our community – imagine the positive impact these members of staff have had on the lives of children.”  

Mr Tosowar Ali, Modern Foreign Languages teacher at Mulberry Academy Shoreditch said:

“I have had a fantastic career at the school and I have seen education transform the lives of many students over the years. The close friendships that I have built with my colleagues are priceless and I look forward to working here until I am due to retire.”


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Notes to Editors

The Mulberry Schools Trust is a flourishing multi-academy trust set up in 2016 in Tower Hamlets. The Mulberry Schools Trust currently includes Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, Mulberry School for Girls and Mulberry UTC, and is now working with the Local Authority and the DfE to build a new school in Wapping – Mulberry Academy London Dock. The Trust believes in the power of partnerships with families, other local schools and the communities that it serves.