A captivating visit to Google HQ

An eye-opening journey to Google Headquarters in Victoria provided Year 13 Media students some rare insight into the inner workings of a leading tech company’s workspace.

Our students were particularly struck by the innovative atmosphere and bespoke decor that offered a blend of functionality and fun.

Complimentary massages, an all-you-can-eat canteen and a variety of leisure facilities in this workplace like no other, left students ‘wowed’ at every turn. Beyond the amenities, the students were struck by the culture of trust among Google’s staff, the blending of professionalism with enjoyment, and how important passion and dedication are for organisations that thrive on innovation.

The transformative experience stressed the productive connection between a conducive work environment and excellence, igniting sparks of ambition in our students; the gourmet buffet at YouTube Headquarters only enhanced the overall experience. This experiential learning opportunity gave students valuable insight into the diversity in the workforce and business practices of successful global organisations like Google.